Coyotes kill beloved pet, owner warns

A Coquitlam resident is putting out the alarm about coyotes killing pets after her beloved tabby named Brucie went missing.

Anshu (who asked that only her first name be used) found out from a neighbor in the area of Rochester Avenue and Marmont Street that it was probably two coyotes that killed and ate her cat and had video of the horrible encounter to prove it.

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Anshu, a UBC researcher, who had the pet for six years said she had never heard that coyotes were a danger, and her cat, an indoor cat, was only out for a short while.

“We thought the cat was safe,” because the balcony door was open with only a screen closed so Anshuwould hear Brucie and let him back in.

“I knew about raccoons in the area but I wasn’t too worried because they wouldn’t kill him,” she recalled.

She was devastated when she couldn’t find Brucie and angered after she saw the video that showed what looked like her cat being devoured by two coyotes.
“It looked very much like my cat.”

After Brucie’s disappearance, Anshu started doing some research and found very little information about coyotes eating pets. Now she wants signs to warn people or other information so people are more careful.

It’s the same advice being offered by the Conservation Officer Service who said that it’s not common for coyotes to eat pets, but it can happen, although unsecured garbage is more often a problem with wildlife and sometimes coyotes are fed by people.

“The biggest thing is, don’t let pets go astray, keep them close by,” said Sgt. Todd Hunter, who said there have been 67 coyote complaints about coyotes so far this year.

For more information, visit WildSafe BC or, which has information about coyotes and keeps track of sightings and pet attacks. You can also report a sighting using an online form.

The City of Coquitlam meanwhile, has information about being coyote smart on its website at

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