Former PoCo mayor earned $151k in 10 months: SOFI

Port Coquitlam city hall payroll at $31.1m last year, report shows.

Former Port Coquitlam mayor Greg Moore left his top job with the city last year having earned $151,486 in pay and severance, according to city financial documents.

Moore, who did not run for re-election last October, walked away from his position with $84,791 in salary for 10 months plus $48,376 in severance and $12,296 in benefits and other compensation that he earned between Jan. 1 and Nov. 6.

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As well, Moore claimed about $6,000 in expenses for cellphone and internet bills, and to attend conferences, community events and business meetings.

The amounts were released in the 2018 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) that will go before city council tonight (Tuesday), prior to the June 30 deadline.

In total, elected officials cost PoCo taxpayers $442,456 last year in wages ($323,907), benefits and compensation ($87,391), and expenses ($31,158).

Mayor Brad West took in $51,585 for his 10 months as a city councillor and two months as mayor while Coun. Laura Dupont billed the most in expenses last year, $1,800 more than Moore.

“Attending conferences is important because it gives me the opportunity to learn what other communities are doing and what might work in ours,” Dupont told The Tri-City News in response to her $7,802 in expenses in 2018.

By comparison, the three councillors who also retained their seats after the Oct. 20 vote — Dean Washington, Darrell Penner and Glenn Pollock — expensed between $1,387 and $5,421, the SOFI report shows.

The 2019 SOFI figures will jump for base salaries because of the adjustment due to the federal government’s decision to remove the one-third tax-free allowance for elected officials. The mayor’s total annual remuneration (for salary and travel) is now set at $132,972 while councillors each receive $47,514.

As for the city hall payroll, it totalled $31.1 million, with payments reflecting the 2% hike in 2018 for support staff as per the CUPE Local 498 collective agreement.

The top 10 highest-paid city administrators were (base salaries only):

                                                   2017               2018
Karen Grommada (finance)      $171,853        $182,584*
John Leeburn (CAO)                $224,123        $182,532*
Laura Lee Richard (planning)   $171,853        $175,978
Nick Delmonico (fire chief)        $171,842        $175,955
Kristen Dixon (CAO)                 $171,853        $154,315*
Robin Wishart (corporate)         $150,596        $154,210
Siu Tse (engineering)                 $150,596        $154,210
Stephen Traviss (HR)                $150,192        $154,210
Randy Minaker (fire)                  $150,587        $154,190
Lori Bowie (recreation)              $150,596         $153,914
Stephen Wright (fire)                 $137,203         $146,640

* Kristen Dixon was the engineering and operations director before replacing John Leeburn as chief administrative officer last June; she took maternity leave last October, at which time Karen Grommada became acting CAO. 

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