Guest Wifi coming to schools — but only for education purposes

Wifi isn’t being set up as a public hot spot, available for everyone to use

Parents waiting for the children to be released from school may want Wifi service while they wait.

But a new Wifi service being set up for guests at schools won’t be for everyone, says School District 43.

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“It’s available to those that have requested access,” explained Ken Hoff, assistant director of communications and community relations.

Wifi isn’t being set up as a public hot spot, available for everyone to use. Because of security concerns, it’s available primarily for those who may be visiting the school for a related educational purpose.

Hoff said the new network system will only allow guests to log into the system with their identity verified by a text message code.

Guests will also have to adhere to protocols and access restrictions.

School District 43 has one of the fastest and most comprehensive Wifi systems in the region, having upgraded the service over the years.

Among the goals of the District’s 2020 Learning Without Boundaries vision is to promote technology facilitated learning experiences for students, to provide flexible, reliable and sustainable access to technology to support work and learning and to foster safe and responsible use of digital tools.

So streaming the latest Game of Thrones episode on the district’s Wifi, won’t be an option.

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