Would $70 million make quarantine more bearable?

Lotteries aren’t shutting down in B.C., where there’s a $70-million jackpot Tuesday and a $9-million prize Wednesday

Would $70 million ease your COVID-19 worries?

Would $9 million make isolation more bearable?

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Would even $1 million force you to forget about quarantine and Zoom meetings and how the heck you’re going to fill in as teacher to your housebound children, and let you dream of a post-pandemic luxury vacation quite physically distanced from your home office?

Dream on, fellow pandemaniacs, because lotteries are one business in B.C. that hasn’t closed its doors.

The LottoMax jackpot for Tuesday evening is an estimated $70 million — plus an estimated 10 Maxmillions prizes of a million bucks apiece.

And Wednesday’s Lotto 6/49 prize is an estimated $9 million.

So if you’re dreaming of a new car, a new kitchen or a vacation — Italy or Ibiza? Cancun or Kuala Lumpur? Austria or Australia? — you might want to engage in a little escapism (knowing your limit and playing within it, of course).

And all lottery tickets are available while physical distancing by purchasing them online… from the safety of your own home… while you’re stuck there.

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