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B.C. needs a new system of governance

The Editor, Re. "Better ways to run town hall meeting" (Letters, The Tri-City News, May 4).

The Editor,

Re. "Better ways to run town hall meeting" (Letters, The Tri-City News, May 4).

Letter writer Helen Brown raised several concerns regarding the town hall meeting staged for Coquitlam's mayor and some councillors to receive some residents' concerns.

I see terrible flaws in our political system across the country and politicians and the media take little interest. I designed a community governance system for equity and sustainability 20 years ago. It was delivered to every municipal government in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, and to the provincial government and the media. All of these groups are so caught up in their daily routine, this changing of governance is hardly on their radar.

For those of you who would like to see how our governance system could change for more equity and sustainability it is now posted on my Facebook page.

It calls for re-mapping of our municipal boundaries, designating community wards with community councils (which could host meetings for all levels of governance), establishing neighbourhoods within the communities to help people identify with a part of their city.

All politicians' positions would be based on the number of residents: MP, 250,000 people; MLA, 150,000; mayor, 500,000; councillor, 50,000; Metro Vancouver director, 50,000; parks director, 50,000; health board director, 50,000; etc.

This would be a great challenge for upcoming political science students to design and simulate. It would take a big conference and many workshops to fine tune.

But, hey, if it could help keep our world liveable, it might be worth trying. I'm afraid of what happens if we carry on the same.

Steve Mancinelli, Coquitlam