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Editorial: Mail fail on Gatensbury

Residents inconvenienced by halt to mail delivery, lack of communication, Canada Post can do better
Canada Post Gatensbury
While Canada Post has an obligation to keep its employees safe and must follow through on an investigation, it could have been more communicative to Gatensbury residents, who lost mail delivery.

The phrase most people associate with postal service that says nothing would stop a postal worker in their appointed rounds is not a Canadian motto, nor even a U.S. postal service motto.

In fact, it's a bit of a stretch to use what is apparently a translation of Herodotus to refer to those who deliver our mail — and, it appears, not all that accurate, at least on Gatensbury Road in Port Moody.

On that twisting hill, it took a bereaved widow who didn't receive condolence cards for someone from Canada Post to acknowledge that the mail was not being delivered because the winding road — after 60 years of door-to-door mail delivery — was deemed too dangerous.

Residents are understandably upset because they had no notice for two weeks and then, when they made inquires, were told the decision was a "health and safety issue" because of the lack of sidewalk.

The road is windy and increasingly busy, and residents are sympathetic but they are surprised given the fact that this problem was only recently addressed.

To add insult to injury, now the folks on Gatensbury have to drive to Port Coquitlam to get their mail, a hardship for some, especially the elderly, during the cold, wet winter months, and for working people who have to get to the office during regular work hours.

A conspiracy theorist would say that since Canada Post has put on hold plans to convert home mail delivery to community boxes, it's making home delivery less convenient so people begin to clamour for community boxes if it means they'll get their mail on time and without having to travel to another city.

While Canada Post has an obligation to keep its employees safe and must follow through on an investigation or it could be in legal trouble if something were to happen to the worker, it should pursue the matter swiftly, keep its clients informed and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Canada Post may not guarantee mail delivery in spite of sleet, snow, etc., but it can do better when it comes to customer service.