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Letter: 'Absolutely disgusting' COVID-19 profiteers in Port Coquitlam

Kudos to Port Coquitlam mayor for comments on people alleged to be selling medical supplies in McLean Park
alleged sale medical equipment port coquitlam bc march 20 2020
A couple are facing $500 in fines after allegedly selling medical masks at a Port Coquitlam Friday, March 20.

The Editor,

Re. "Pair facing fines for allegedly selling medical masks at Port Coquitlam park" (, March 22).

Absolutely disgusting. Although I don't always agree with Mayor Brad West, I agree with his words and actions totally and without reservation. 

Anyone who tries to profit as these two persons have allegedly tried to do must be criminally charged if there are ways to do so.

Also, I hope that these supplies were immediately confiscated and forwarded to a hospital or some ERT that may desperately need these supplies.

Good for Mayor West and his words and actions. Well done.

Michael Sonntag, Port Coquitlam