Letter: Burnaby right to charge 'greedy' ride-hailing firms same as taxis


Re: “They are taxis”: Burnaby to charge ride-hailing companies same fees as cabs, NOW News

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I for one applaud council’s decision to see the world as it really is, not the fantasy world advanced by huge billion-dollar multi-national corporations.

Frankly, “ride-hailing” is a meaningless term, propagated by who? Possibly some large corporations from mostly south of the border that want to pretend what they do is something friendly and so hugely beneficial to the local community that this myth warrants a different set of rules.

While I would be the first to agree that taxis need to improve, as any industry must to remain competitive, but to disguise “ride-hailing” as something different is disingenuous at best.

I say safety first, so let’s make sure that any “for-hire” operator on Burnaby roads is not putting passengers and the rest of us in danger.

Plus, if any business is going to use Burnaby roads as core to their service offering, then we taxpayers that have the privilege of paying for said roads, well, then such businesses must pay their fair share.

Absolutely bring on new operators, with new business models – taxis get no free pass here. At the same time, let’s ensure what has worked for decades remains viable, without tilting the playing field by pretending we cannot see what is desired here by a few greedy corporations.

And to council, if a regional approach is possible – great - but at the same time, stick to your principles that resulted in the current policy just adopted.

Joe Sulmona, Burnaby



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