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Letter: Five potential new names for the BC Liberal Party

"B.C. RepubliCanuck Party" among potential new brands suggested for B.C. opposition party.
The BC Liberal Party is searching for a new name.
At the BC Liberal convention in Penticton (June 11) delegates approved a process to potentially change the party's name by the end of the year.
It's about time. 
The  B.C. Liberal Party cut official ties with the federal Liberals years ago. Everybody knows the B.C. Liberals are liberal in name only!
Since the name Conservative Party of British Columbia is already taken, here are five possibilities:
1. B.C. New Conservative Party
2. B.C. New Social Credit Party
3. People's Party of B.C.
4. B.C. RepubliCanuck Party
or, to try to confuse NDP voters,
5. NCP (the No Christy Party)
David Buckna
Kelowna, B.C.