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Letter: Mandatory parking space with unit would mean fewer clogged Coquitlam streets

The Editor, Re.

The Editor,

Re. “Coquitlam has too much parking near SkyTrain stations, says city staff” (Tri-City News, July 10)

The apparent drop in demand for parking in high density developments is largely the result of a flawed economic model rather than any change in people’s habits.

For most types of residences, parking is an integral part of your purchase. In the case of apartments or condominiums, the purchase or rental of a parking space can be optional. It is not surprising that many purchasers, given the option, choose to forego purchasing a space and opt to use publicly funded on-street parking instead. 

As the city continues to profit by selling ever higher densities in transit served neighbourhoods the cost of providing parking is increasing as more parking spaces must be provided on a smaller footprint. The resulting increase in cost means that fewer purchasers opt to buy a space. It is a self perpetuating cycle.

If the sale of a parking space with a unit was mandatory you would see far more vehicles parked in the facilities provided for that purpose and fewer clogging the surrounding streets.

Mike Carver, Coquitlam