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Letter: Payroll tax will cut into giving by businesses

The Editor, I am a business owner with 28 years proudly operating in Coquitlam.

The Editor,

I am a business owner with 28 years proudly operating in Coquitlam, and the success of my business has been built on the dedication and loyalty of our employees.

As always, I will continue to support them first and foremost as we enter uncertain times in the private sector due to our provincial government. 

Through the years, the success that we have experienced has allowed us to give back to our community, and for that I am so proud. We support local charities and non-profits with dollars and our employees’ time. We donate tens of thousands of dollars a year directly to organizations such as the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, Crossroads Hospice and Access Youth, where real results are felt in the Tri-Cities. 

With the introduction of the NDP government’s payroll tax in 2019, I am concerned our business and others will slow or cease their financial support to those who need it. With this tax, my company will be directly impacted in the range of $70,000 next year, leaving funds that have previously been earmarked for giving essentially unavailable, and rendering our ability to continue this support unrealistic.

I believe this tax is an attack on people — people who depend on these local non-profits and grassroots organizations.

I feel awful that we may not be able to support the community to the levels that we have become accustomed to over the years, and for this reason I feel compelled to speak out.

William Dick,
Phoenix Truck & Crane, Coquitlam