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Letter: Port Moody shouldn't complicate the development process

Some advice from a resident
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The Editor:

RE: Residents need to feel good about where they live, says Port Moody councillor

The above headline is from a TriCity News report: 

Councillor Lubik says, "consideration of a proposed development’s design on the mental and social wellbeing of its prospective residents, as well as the community at large, should become part of Port Moody’s approval process."  

Suggesting additional approval steps seems counterintuitive, when the city applied for (and received) funding to streamline the approval process.

While I appreciate the good intent, I believe what is being suggested should be a part of individual community (neighbourhood) plans that address specific issues and initiatives, including quality of life, of each area. A community plan recognizes the uniqueness of, land use and urban design, transit/transportation, community parks and amenities, shopping, as well as the different housing stock in each area.

If the councillor can do a report, then surely now that the city has a social planner to complement professional staff, and with community planning templates widely available in Metro's member areas, this should be an inside project for staff, and negating the usual costs of an outside consultant.

John Grasty - Port Moody