Letter: Some still falling through cracks in Feds’ COVID-19 aid

Dear Editor,

This morning I was stunned to listen to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now give $300/month/child in added child care expenses, but still those who did not make $5,000 in 2019 do not qualify for any Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) relief.

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When the government is providing relief for  everyone including providing free homes for the homeless and free drugs for the addict, how is this group left out?

This is starting to scream “discrimination.”

You cannot give to everyone and shut out a small group.  And because these people do not qualify for the CERB, they do not qualify for any provincial aid.

John Horgan, our premier, is using the same criteria  for qualification and is shutting out the same group of people.

From the start of this, these people have received nothing and continue to receive nothing ­— it is inexcusable.

These are honest, law-abiding Canadian citizens who over the years have paid their taxes.

However, in 2019 they fell short of the required $5,000 for what ever reason.

And they get nothing, not one cent while students, the homeless, parents and refugees receive benefit after benefit.

I, along with many, would like an explanation, better yet, a revision of the requirements to qualify so that all Canadians get some help, which eliminates this blatant discrimination  and is the fair way to provide relief. 

Roidon Lamb


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