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Letters: ‘Shocked’ at Riverview Hospital walk fees

The Editor, Re. “Riverview red tape for society volunteers” (The Tri-City News, April 14).
tree fest
The letter writers were “infuriated” and “shocked” that Riverview Horticultural Centre Society volunteers will have to pay for a “location fixer” at $50 an hour for their monthly tree walks.

The Editor,

Re. “Riverview red tape for society volunteers” (The Tri-City News, April 14).

I was shocked that BC Housing can stop a volunteer walking group from work that it has been graciously doing for so long.

I was told about these walks by a friend two years ago and have participated in several of them. I was amazed at not only the heritage on the Riverview Hospital lands but also by the beautiful grounds and trees on the site.

Since then, I have gone to all the meetings, which were supposed to give people a chance to voice their opinions. I witnessed that overwhelmingly people wanted to preserve the site for mental health. I would hate to see the site demolished to provide room for housing that would not be affordable for most and have the potential to be empty like so many other houses in the community.

Once this site is gone, it is lost forever. I believe that a world-class medical facility to assist those with mental health issues and addictions could serve both those who can afford to pay and those who cannot.

Please take a walk and see what is there, and help preserve not only our heritage but assist those people who desperately need support.

Michele Delville, Coquitlam



The Editor,

After reading The Tri-City News’ article about the new rules and fees that BC Housing has imposed on the Riverview Horticultural Centre Society (RHCS), I feel infuriated and disgusted.

It’s just another cash grab and insisting a “location fixer” be on hand at $50 an hour is a joke.

There are no better trustees for this beautiful green space than Norma and Don Gillespie, along with the RHCS and the Burke Mountain Naturalists. They have fought for years to preserve this collection of unique and rare trees.

On May 9, remember who is imposing these ridiculous rules and vote for a party that will preserve Riverview.

Sandra Ireland, Coquitlam