Letter: Bag your dog's poop but don't just toss it anywhere

Why do dog owners take the time to bag their dog's feces, then leave the bags on sidewalks or in trees and shrubs?

The Editor

Kudos to all the dog owners who pick up after their dogs.

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But what the heck moves you to drop the bags on sidewalks, toss them into trees and shrubs, and leave them on pathways? Who do you think is going to pick them up?

I walk regularly through our beautiful neighbourhood in northeast Coquitlam and am appalled by the number of poop bags I see on a regular basis, never mind the copious amount of fast food garbage that also gets tossed everywhere.

You have chosen to live in a nice neighbourhood — have some respect for the others who live here and keep it clean.

Sheila Andrascik, Coquitlam

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