Letter: Blame cities, developers for bears' deaths

The Editor,

Re. "3 people arrested, 3 bears are killed" and "Bear that made itself at home is caught, destroyed" (The Tri-City News, Aug. 1).

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We hear about how the conservation officers have to deal with the bear problem and, honestly, I feel sorry for them. We hear that the problem is because we don't keep our garbage contained properly. We hear that we don't clean our barbecues.

What we don't hear enough is the fact that the cities are allowing developers to destroy bears' habitat with no consequences to the developers or the cities that allow it to happen.

Millions of dollars are being made by a lot of people who are destroying the natural habitat of so many animals and not taking responsibility for what is being done. Not just bears but deer, cougars, skunks, raccoons, birds, insects — the list is endless.

When are cities and developers going to take responsibility for what they are doing to the environment and the animals?

Don't push the blame on us. Step up and create some space for the displaced animals: green space, create orchards, berry patches, wild animal space — anything. Just quit killing them and giving us so-called solutions.

I believe the dollar came before the environment and it's time that cities get together to fix it. Don't pass the buck, don't put conservation officers in the position that they are in. It's time for the cities and developers to take responsibility.

Susan Kell, Port Coquitlam

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