Letter: Careless with garbage? Then stay out of our parks

The Editor,

Re. Re. "Traps set, parts of Mundy closed due to bear family" (The Tri-City News, July 11). 

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Enjoying a wonderful walk in Mundy Park with my dogs, passing signs warning of bear sightings, I saw, cordoned off, a bear trap. No doubt a complaint was received by the BC Conservation Officer Service from a human, intruding in the the park (wildlife habitat) of wildlife going about its business.

Those people probably belong to that group careless about their garbage, unheeding of warning signs and park etiquette, and uncaring whether wildlife will be destroyed because of them; example: the bear and its three cubs killed three years ago.

If you do not enjoy our parks and wildlife, and are not conscientious about protecting them, please live in the middle of a city with no green space, walk amongst buildings and along sidewalks, where you can do no harm.

People of my ilk and the wildlife will thank you.

J. Chorley, Coquitlam

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