Letter: Coquitlam, Burnaby Walmarts not following their own mask policy


Recently, as I'm sure we all know, Walmart Canada implemented a mandatory mask rule for all of their stores, with no exceptions towards either staff or customers.

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Yet when I went to my local Walmart located at Lougheed Mall, I noticed zero enforcement of this mask rule. Anyone could enter and leave with or without wearing a face covering, with no-one stopping them even though they had security at the front - who wasn't wearing a mask either.

Originally, I thought perhaps security at the front were not informed by store staff, but to my shock I noticed many staff not wearing masks themselves. I ended up asking one of the staff about the mask policy and was told there won't be any enforcement.

"I can tell you no-one told me I had to wear a mask to work or I won't be allowed to work."

This whole incident leads me to wonder if nobody in an organization who sets out rules for safety are even bothering to enforce it, then who will enforce it? This isn't just one Walmart. I went to the Walmart located at Coquitlam Centre and the Walmart in Metropolis at Metrotown and all three stores had many customers and staff alike not wearing masks.

What was worse was there were multiple staff at all three stores not even wearing gloves. Why can't organizations be like, for example, T&T supermarket, which truly enforces their stores’ policies asking their own staff to stop anyone not wearing a mask and inform them of their store's policies with many times getting verbally abused by those who refuse to abide/force their way in yet stand firm and enforces their rules.

If an organization implements rules, I truly expect them to have actual enforcement because if you won’t follow your own rules why should anyone in the public obey them?

I am truly stunned by the lack of care towards their own company's policies and public safety from these three Walmart stores. It's truly disgraceful, especially at the time where we are seeing incidents from public not abiding public health orders.

Carl Yee, Burnaby

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