Letter: De-unionized workers sent cleanliness at senior care homes down the toilet

We talk about this deadly virus that by droplets spreads to one another like a wildfire.

We should address the cleanliness of hospitals, long-term care homes and other institutions, that require consistent and constant cleaning, before a deadly virus hits.

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Union-paid workers do a better job in the health care industry. Many years ago the wages that were paid to health care workers was enough to live independently and had decent holiday benefits and great medical and dental coverage.

These workers were dependant on doing the best job ever, as that was their livelihood, not a side job. Single women during that time could survive on their wages and raise children on those benefits.

When the Hospital Employees’ Union was kicked out and private sectors came in, cleanliness went down the toilet, so to speak. There were so many problems with disinfected hospitals, from improper cleaning standards to lack of trained staff. 

Why would you want to put your elderly sick parents in a hospital setting that’s riddled with germs?

Pay people a decent wage so that care nurses, cleaners and custodians will make a decent wage with benefits and won’t have to go from one care home to another, spreading germs everywhere they go. Most certainly cleaners will do a better job and be proud of contributing to cleaner, healthier hospitals and institutions if paid enough.

The government can cut costs at the expense of peoples lives, but then again, you get what you pay for.

Trudy Racine, Pitt Meadows

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