Letter: 'Disgusted' at dumping on Coquitlam trail

The Editor,

I am disgusted with the amount of littering and illegal dumping I see in my neighbourhood, City Centre. There are people in Coquitlam who do not appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. Not everyone is like this but there are those who act like barbarians.

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The latest is that someone has illegally dumped plastic trash into the protected area of the Hoy Creek Trail, behind the fence of the trail — right next to the sign warning that the area is protected and must not be disturbed. The temerity of it astounds me.

For all the effort that must have taken, the litterbug might as well have put out their garbage the usual way, if they had an ounce of decency.

While I have reported it to bylaw enforcement, I doubt the people who dumped their garbage will change their ways, even if they get caught and fined.

Martha Bijman, Coquitlam

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