Letter: Do composting and urban bears go hand in hand?

The Editor, 

I live in the Barber area of Pleasantside. I am writing in regards to the bears that we need to shoot in this area year after year. 

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We have lived here since 1993. Bears in our area were nonexistent until our city decided to be good environmentalists and start composting. Well, let me tell you since then it has been a show to see bears coming down from the mountain to see what all this smell is about.  

We only use our compost bin for branches, food waste goes in our garburator. Our family is well aware of the bear education offered. I was told to keep our bins inside the garage. Well, then I have to deal with mice and rats.   

I am sick and tired of seeing bears being shot because we humans want to feel good about recycling and composting. As far as the people who tried to stop the conservation officers are concerned, good on you; we need more people like you to prevent the continued slaughter of our bears due to human short sightedness.

Serge Paiement 

Port Moody

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