Letter: Driving is a privilege this driver doesn't deserve

The Editor,

To the driver of a silver Honda SUV with an L on the back, travelling downhill at 6:48 a.m. Sept. 26 on Turner Creek Drive: I was travelling east toward the four-way stop on Ravine Drive at this exact time and witnessed you going at a speed of about 60 km/h right through the stop without slowing down.

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At this time of dawn, I find it appalling that you would consider the option of making up your own rule to fail to stop. There are people walking at this time of day and may not be highly visible. An older woman was doing exactly this and if she had have been approximately 20 steps forward, she would have entered the crosswalk and may have been struck.

Shame on you for breaking the law. It is drivers like you who cause road rage and anxiety amongst us all. What gives you the right to drive like this? You have an N on your vehicle, maybe you are not the new driver of this vehicle — it does not matter. And whoever you are, you should experience the loss of the privilege to drive.

Furthermore, I followed you down Heritage Mountain Boulevard and you failed to ever signal, passing cars and changing lanes like you were a police officer racing to a call. I was heading the same way as you and witnessed your poor driving all the way to the Moody Street overpass at Rocky Point Park.

We citizens need to speak up and rally to try to make change. Too many drivers should not have a licence. If they display such behaviour, there needs to be strict consequences.

Cheryl Trampleasure, Port Moody

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