Letter: It irks me Coquitlam doesn't cancel non-essential projects in time of financial struggle

The Editor:

I read with interest the May 6th, "Open Letter from (Coquitlam) City Council to Our Community."

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While I do appreciate the challenges of this difficult time, I wonder if there aren't simpler and less painful solutions to the anticipated $2.5 to $6.5 million operating budget deficit. Rather than laying off staff, as you have done, or raising our taxes, as you have approved, why not simply cancel a couple of non-essential projects like the King Albert Greenway (the total cost of which was said to be $3 million)?

It irks me that during this time when many are struggling financially, businesses are facing closure and we are all practicing restraint, you are choosing to raise our taxes and lay people off to pay for things that might be nice but are not necessary.

Caroline Forsyth, Coquitlam

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