Letter: It’s time to rethink closing Coquitlam school fields to families

The Editor,

Today I was outside with my kids on a local school field just kicking a soccer ball around. We have been doing this frequently lately since schools are closed and playground equipment has been made off limits. 

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Today, however, we were interrupted by the principal of the school, who came out of the building to inform us that we had to leave since the field was also closed.

School District 43 needs to explain itself on this issue. Why exactly are fields closed? I have never heard an explanation of how closing down an open air field somehow contributes to stopping the spread of a virus. 

There is no scientific basis to support such a claim, quite the opposite in fact. Fresh air and sunshine in large, open areas contribute to stronger immune systems while preventing spread of illness that comes from being trapped indoors or channeled to a few specific open locations with everyone else. 

With no logical rationale behind these field closings, this stance needs to be reconsidered.

Dave Carruthers, Port Moody


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