Letter: It's wrong for PoMo residents to pay mayor while he's on leave

The Editor,

Re. "Pay will stay for PM mayor on leave" (The Tri-City News, May 9).

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A letter to Port Moody's acting mayor and council:

I am less than impressed by your decision of May 7 to continue having the citizens of Port Moody pay the full tab for a man who has no legal need to remove himself from his duties.

Adding further insult, an acting mayor is paid the difference between their salary and the mayor’s. You’re double dipping and you’re going to be hearing from the public, so be prepared.

I say, regarding Mayor Vagramov: “No work, no pay.”

The mayor publicly made a statement that he needed to be away from his duties prepare to defend himself against the sexual assault charge. A reasonable translation of that utterance is: "I am in discussion with my lawyer(s) in an effort to mount my defence.” As I see this situation, Port Moody citizens are footing the bill for this and it’s wrong. Mount your own criminal defence.

What rationale drove council's decision on the mayor's pay this week? Are you going to tell us, or have I missed something?

If none of you get back to me (and I believe that you all should), expect me and others at your next council meeting.

My tone is one of frustration and bewilderment, not of anger.

Angelo Evoy, Port Moody

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