Letter: Loss of tree shows development dollars don't make sense

The Editor,

Re. “Lorax to see off embattled Port Coquitlam tree,” (Tri-City News, Aug. 4)

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Another sad day for Port Coquitlam. I heard mayor West speak recently to this issue. I wonder if he actually listens to or even hears his own words.

I guess the idea of Port Coquitlam having a green agenda is out — mind you, this has been demonstrated already with a few other not so green projects the mayor and his council have blessed. He and the Port Coquitlam council may speak as though there is such an an agenda but development and more tax dollars have a tendency to cancel a green agenda's value and spirit.

I'm convinced that protecting this cedar could have been incorporated into the plan. But, again, development dollars and tax dollars have a way of blurring the obvious at times.


Michael Sonntag, Port Coquitlam

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