Letter: Modified motorcycles flaunt Port Moody noise bylaws

The Editor,

I understand we have to accept daily city noises, be they from trains, ambulances or fire trucks, all of which are necessary.

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We appear to have noise bylaws to cover all the other loud and excessive noises, whether intermittent or continuous but are there insufficient bylaw officers or is there no commitment to enforce the noise bylaws?

Excessive noise from motorcycles with modified exhausts (to give that throttled power effect) seems to be getting more frequent and louder. The Port Moody bylaw office advised it is not equipped to monitor or act on the noise from motorcycles and directed me to Port Moody Police Department.

From discussions with neighbours, it appears I am not alone in my frustration with those who choose to make their motorcycle exhaust noise louder. Similarly, my neighbours are frustrated with the city's inability to have its noise bylaws enforced.

Are there others out there who believe action is needed?

Nigel Arrandale, Port Moody

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