Letter: Mundy Park graffiti artist spoiled our public space

The Editor,

This morning (April 28) my wife and I went for a walk in Mundy Park. This has become part of our routine during this period of COVID-19. 

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We enjoy the walks early, so as not to encounter too many people in the park. Most everyone we encounter tries to adhere to two metres of physical distancing. 

These walks are a great way to start the day. As we walk along the trails, we have been fortunate to see hear many birds, and on one occasion, an owl. This is proving to be a very relaxing way to spend an hour or so before going back out into reality.

Unfortunately, this has been spoiled by the actions of an individual who felt it necessary to paint two of the large boulders on the Interlaken Trail going from Waterline towards Lost Lake. 

I’m sure the graffiti artist was hoping to spread a message of peace and hope, but this is not the way to do it. Graffiti is still graffiti and spoils this environment. I don’t know if the paints used are water soluble or not. This is short sighted of whoever painted it and I hope she will think before she does something as thoughtless as this in the future. 

These rocks are not going to go away and I for one do not wish to be forced to see anymore of her handiwork spoiling our parks and public spaces. 

Steve Davis, Coquitlam

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