Letter: Our road lines & stop signs must be better

The Editor, Re. “Better lights & lines on the roads” (Letters, The Tri-City News, Dec. 28).

The Editor,

Re. “Better lights & lines on the roads” (Letters, The Tri-City News, Dec. 28).

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I could not agree more with Brian Cole’s letter. Of particular concern are the all-important road centre and lane demarcating lines, pedestrian crossing lines and the letters “stop” where needed at intersections. In poor weather and in the face of oncoming headlights (which seen to be on high beam all the time these days), these lines are virtually invisible.

On two occasions one night last week, my car was nearly sideswiped by vehicles wandering out of lanes, or maybe I was me unknowingly off centre, lines unseen in the rain.

With regards to stop signs, even in the summer, many are invisible, hidden by trees, and it is often that it is the last minute that one realizes there is a stop sign ahead. The “STOP” lettering and lines on the road would have to be large and bold and visible, especially at night and in poor weather.

In my opinion, a quick and practical fix would be to use reflective paint like they do elsewhere in the world. This could accomplish a lot while councils spend their time debating proposals for big-cost traffic flow improvements. These proposals will need better marked roads anyway.

Peter Grindley-Ferris,
Port Moody

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