Letter: Pay parking at Suter Brook wasn't discussed, says strata member

The Editor,

Re. "Letter: Suter Brook's 'Pay parking' actually free for 90 minutes" (Letters, tricitynews.com, Nov. 27).

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In the referenced letter, I noted the vice-president for commercial property management of Onni Group, Zahir Rajani, made a couple of statements regarding the paid parking situation in Suter Brook village, namely:

• "The 90-minute free period was implemented after taking into consideration the suggestions that came about as a result of several meetings with Suter Brook’s commercial tenants and strata representatives;”

• and "The idea of paid parking (after a reasonable free period), as well as increased parking management, was a request that came to Onni directly from residents and tenants. The parking changes at Suter Brook Village were implemented after a year-long research and planning period, which, again, included consultation with members of the Suter Brook Merchant Association (office and retail tenants) and residents."

As a resident of Suter Brook Village and a strata council member for one of the strata lots within the development, I have been in attendance at inter-strata meetings with Onni (most involving Mr. Rajani and other members of his staff) over the last two years or so as a representative of our strata. I have no recollection of the issue of paid parking ever having been discussed with, let alone suggested or requested by, any of our stratas or residents.

In checking with my colleagues from other stratas within the village, they told me they also have no recollection of this being discussed with us.

Checking the minutes of these meetings and my own personal notes, taken during our meetings with Onni, I can find no mention of this either.

In informal discussions with many of the commercial property people within our village it is clear that they also have no recollection of being involved in such discussions, requests or suggestions. Indeed, most of them are of the opinion that Onni does not consult with them on many, if any, issues regarding parking or any other matter in the village.

Based on this, I feel that Mr. Rajani is making an attempt to pass the buck for Onni's widely unpopular decision to instigate paid parking to residential and commercial property tenants.

Richard Smith, Port Moody

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