Letter: Port Moody has plenty of population growth in the works

Letter writer disputes comments from an Urban Development Institute representative that Port Moody isn't doing its part to accommodate population growth

The Editor,

Re. "Port Moody isn't doing its part to provide housing, says UDI CEO" (tricitynews.com, Feb. 14).

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I take issue with Anne McMullin of the Urban Development Institute (UDI) stating Port Moody is the “worst performer” in reaching residential growth targets. 

Between 2001 and ’11, Port Moody’s population grew by 36%, one of the fastest growing municipalities in the region. Between 2011 and ’14, council decided to slow growth until SkyTrain was confirmed. 

The UDI has 29 board members and at least five of them have built successful projects in Port Moody, and another five are planning and marketing projects in various areas in Port Moody. I question the motives behind these comments that seem intent on disparaging Port Moody's reputation. 

I find Ms. McMullin's statement offensive to our citizens, past and present councils, current developers and city planning staff who are working hard towards our 2040 Regional Growth Strategy targets.



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It's easy to see many sites under development; the last time I counted, there were at least nine construction cranes. This equates to about 1,720 units or about 3,400 new residents. According to city staff, this represents $226 million in building permits and another $63 million in foundation permits. 

The numbers above don't count three official community plan master plan areas, which could bring in another 7,600 units or approximately 15,500 new residents (Coronation Park, Moody Centre and Flavelle properties). 

This exceeds our Metro Vancouver growth target of 50,000 by 2041. According 2016 census data, Port Moody's population was 34,800. Staff have confirmed many other in-stream applications that could push our population to 57,000-plus if all applications were approved and built by 2041.

It's more important to get our growth and infrastructure right than to compete for positive press from the UDI, which lobbies for, and is funded by, the development community. 

The liveability of our great community is very important.

Patricia Bryant Mace, Port Moody

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