Letter: Praise the Coquitlam RCMP in front of your children & say, 'thank you'

The Editor,

We are fortunate to reside in a community, where our streets are safe, and our children can run, play and be kids.

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Let us all support the men and women who make this possible, our RCMP.

Are they all perfect? No, but neither are we. They have chosen a career path, where they will see the worst of humanity. They are there in the middle of the night, breaking the news to a family that their loved ones will never come home. They intervene even when off work, if they see an assault, robbery or drug deal happening. Sometimes it costs them their lives, as recently seen in Nelson.

They prepare their reports and arrest the bad guys, only to see them back on the street. They lay awake at night reliving the tragedies of the day, the teen who committed suicide, the drug overdoses, the motor vehicle accidents, the father who lost his job and committed suicide.

Let us as a community unit in supporting our police. Praise the police in front of your children, say Thank you! 

Rita Luterbach, Coquitlam



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