Letter: 'Sad and outraged' at killing of mother bear and cubs

The Editor,

Re. "3 people arrested, 3 bears are killed" and "Bear that made itself at home is caught, destroyed" (The Tri-City News, Aug. 1).

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I am outraged and so sad that the mother bear and her cubs, which never posed any danger to people, were summarily executed. They cannot tell me that those bears could not be relocated. The easy thing to do is never the right thing to do.

I hope the people who pulled the trigger will put themselves in those animals' shoes and consider if they felt pain as they lay dying.

By the same token, it is outrageous and disgusting that people in the area were not taking seriously the task of securing their garbage. As a result, three animals were, sadly, destroyed.

I believe there was culpability on both sides. In the future, I hope people will remember the needlessly sacrificed three lives when they put out their garbage.

But I applaud those who stood up against this monstrosity and hope they will be viewed with sympathy and understanding by the courts. They are everything noble humans should be. We need to be proud of them.

I hope and pray people will be careful with their garbage. It takes only minimum work to save bears' lives.

Harry Anchan, Calgary

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