Letter: saddened by cruel and uninformed letter to 'ambulance people'

The Editor,

Re. "'Ambulance people are wasting our time'" (Letters, tricitynews.com, April 28).

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I am truly saddened to read the cruel and uninformed letter suggesting that paramedics (“ambulance people”) are “a waste of time” over firefighters.

Paramedics and firefighters each have distinctive and important roles in responding to emergency situations and are funded very differently.

Many paramedics wait years to even get a regular paid position in their field, which they do because they are truly passionate about their profession and helping people. There is one pathetic dilapidated ambulance building in Port Coquitlam and not enough ambulances. And once they do transport you to our over crowded hospital emergency rooms, they can’t leave until an emergency staff member can take over, further delaying their ability to respond to anyone else.

As a nurse for more than 33 years and knowing many nurses, firefighters and paramedics, it is no wonder so many staff are exhausted, frustrated and disillusioned. Many are leaving their professions, waiting for the day they retire, while new members area already looking at a different career.

“Support” like the words of the letter writer will likely make more staff question why they are staying in a thankless, unsupported career and if he thinks “ambulance people” are wasting his time, I hope he never actually needs one because he will then really realize what they do. But by then, it may be too late for all of us.

S. Williams, Port Coquitlam

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