Letter: Save our crops — and farmers — with workers laid off due to COVID-19

The Editor: 

Farmers need workers to help them to bring in the crops and cannot get the workers mainly due to the COVID-19 problems. 

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Here’s an idea that could help with this problem if our leaders would give it a thought and try: All those capable of working, are unemployed due to COVID-19 and are receiving government help (EI, or whatever funds) could also work for the farmers to bring in the crops without losing any pay or benefits from the government. 

This would help save a big part of the crops, our farmers and it would be a big bonus for the workers. 

I would like to throw this idea out to our government leaders, farmers and the public. It would be nice to save our farmers, crops and the sanity of those that want to get out and feel useful with the benefit of some extra dollars for their financial well-being.

Holger Herrmann, Port Coquitlam

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