Letter: Shoreline Park in Port Moody needs work

The Editor, What has happened to Shoreline Park in Port Moody?

The Editor,

What has happened to Shoreline Park in Port Moody?

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When was the last time you went for a walk or a run in the park? Do you remember when it was tidy, well-groomed and filled with friendly souls out enjoying the city’s best-kept secret?

This magnificent stretch of park and waterfront is stunning, a work of art here in the City of the Arts. Creation at its best, with ever-changing views, outlook and beauty.

I have been running in that park on and off for years, even before I moved to Port Moody in 2003. Now, the park is in terrible shape. The walking path is dangerous and neglected. When was the last time gravel was added? Not for a long time, if you count the number of roots that jut out and making the walk unsafe.

I happened to trip the other day and the runner going by said, “Oh, heavens, I have seen dozens of people trip and fall!” I was grateful for her assistance before she ran on her way.

Forced to end my walk due to my fall, I went up to the bike path, where even there the pavement is a mess. Interestingly enough, someone has painted lines on the dangerous bumps at a certain point in the route — clever but not a solution.

And where have all the friendly people gone? People used to greet one another, at the very least with a nod or a “good day.” Even though I am not a dog person, I am grateful for those who walk their pets, at least they are happy to speak or greet everyone. For the most part, if you don’t catch the attention of the person coming toward you, they will look away before a greeting is needed or expected. What’s happened?

Why has the city of Port Moody neglected this park for so long? Are there plans to bring it back to a safe and beautiful place? I certainly hope so. Maybe then people will be happy enough to enjoy and share in the natural beauty without worrying if they are going to trip or fall over tree roots.

Barb Dowding, Port Moody

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