Letter: Stop blaming man's best friend for man's foibles

The Editor,

Re. "Your pet dog is poisoning our planet" (Letters, tricitynews.com).

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Seriously, Ms. Tivoli, get a grip.

If we follow the letter writer's logic, all humans should be eliminated from the planet as well.

Four hundred to 500 bacterial species are estimated to be present in the human fecal flora at concentrations of up to 10(12) viable microorganisms per gram of stool.

An entire system of waste management had to be created and has to be maintained to deal with human waste and that's just the biological waste we produce from our own personal systems. Don't get me started on the food system that exists to fuel our individual poop factories.

And despite having our excrement taken care of by obliging taxpayers, we still are turning our planet to crap, pun intended.

If we eliminated the human population and let the dogs roam free, the planet would stand a much better chance of survival.

If Ms. Tivoli is that concerned about our planet and our health, stop using plastic, stop putting chemicals on lawns, a far more harmful human construct than companion animals. Stop using fossil fuels.

And stop blaming man's best friend for man's foibles.

Humans are poisoning our planet and humans are responsible for a lot more than their pets.

Peggi Peacock, Coquitlam

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