Letter: These two young boys made my day—don't ever change

The Editor,

One day last week I was in Dollarama in Port Coquitlam to buy a pop. While I was there two young boys were in line in front of me buying their treats. The short one struck up a conversation with me about his friend being taller, yet they were the same age. Because both of them had been so pleasant I treated them to some candy. 

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When it was my turn at the till, they had moved to the side, and I jokingly said “Oh, now I don’t have enough money for my pop.” The third young man with the curly hair (who I hadn’t even realized was with them) jumped in to pay for my pop! When I laughed and told him I had only been joking he insisted that he wanted to buy it for me.

In today’s world, where kids are often put down, I would like to acknowledge these fine young men, they are amazing. 

Don’t ever change, guys. The world needs you.

Ina Cicansky, Coquitlam

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