Letter: Trudeau's beard might work, but his — and my — quarantine hair need to go

The Editor:

One of the “benefits” during the pandemic is arguably the saving on hair cutting —regrettably, at the cost of the barbers’ income, of course.

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I have saved three trips to my barber’s and a decent amount of money which is beneficial to my financial status. The flip side is that my hair grows crazily long — so long that I have to cover it with an oversized baseball hat in video conferencing with students; so long that it looks like a premature retirement is overdue for me.

To be fair, my wife did try in vain to cut my hair. Unfortunately, she missed the target and almost cut my eye out.

Enough said about me as an ordinary citizen. Let’s turn our eyes to our PM. As the coronavirus drags on, his hair becomes longer and longer. While the beard on his face makes him look more mature, his long hair doesn’t help improve his image in my mind and he looks tired and less rigorous than before. 

As the warm weather kicks in, restrictions are loosening, we are experiencing caution fatigue and new cases of COVID-19 are on the downward slope.

We should continue to follow guidelines so that I can lose the baseball hat from my head, our PM can visit his barber and — most of all — so that lives can be saved.

Peter Zhang, Coquitlam

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