Letter: Vagramov asked to step aside because of prejudice, power-seeking foes

The Editor,

Re. "Council asks Vagramov to step aside" (The Tri-City News, Oct. 10).

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I am extremely disappointed with the decision Port Moody council made last Tuesday asking Mayor Rob Vagramov to step aside. I believe the reasons for this decision were based on prejudice and political power-seeking. 

Vagramov was elected because many of us support his opinions concerning development. It seems there are some elected counsellors who do not agree with him and are attempting to remove him from office. It appears they are also enabling a small minority of people in the community to set a negative tone and take over city council meetings, making things as difficult as possible for Vagramov and preventing city business from moving forward.

Vagramov returned to work in good faith, knowing the charges against him were no longer of a criminal nature and the issue was being resolved. In fact, the formalities will be dealt with next month. 

Vagramov has applied himself to his duties as mayor and has been working conscientiously and cooperatively. I, as well as many others, want him to continue and want the council members to support him in his endeavours, putting the business of the city above pettiness, innuendo and political wrangling.

Lee McGillveray, Port Moody

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