Letter: Vagramov 'should resign immediately'

"We might actually have a little respect for him if he had acted like a grownup," says the letter writer.

The Editor,

Re. "Vagramov says 'awkward date' resulted in sex assault charge" (tricitynews.com, Nov. 14) and "Sex charge is stayed against Vagramov" (The Tri-City News, Nov. 14).

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There has been much said in the media about Port Moody Mayor Rob Vagramov's press conference regarding the conclusion, in the courts, of his sexual assault case.

We might actually have a little respect for him if he had acted like a grownup, stood up in front of the media and all of us residents and said he was sorry — owned up to his misdeed, promised to try to be a better man and human, and shown just one iota of humility about the charge.

But, no, he stood up and lied. He said the charge was dropped. it was not dropped, it was stayed. I think he must have had his lawyer tell him that, no?

As well, he was not exonerated. He had his lawyer plead down to alternative measures resolution in his criminal matter. Under the law, it required him to accept responsibility, and to make amends to his victim and to the community.

I don't believe he did the latter. Instead, he stood up and deflected and actually lied to us. He is not fit to be mayor of our city. He should resign immediately.


Karen Rockwell, Port Moody

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