Letter: Was Port Coquitlam censure worth betraying common decency & open government?

The Editor:

Re. "Port Coquitlam censures councillor who 'unlawfully disclosed confidential infornation'" (The Tri-City News, May 28)

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According to experts, when someone indicates that they are being bullied or harassed it is more than likely that’s what’s taking place. 

Years ago I gave a presentation to a committee and following the end of my presentation and prior to leaving one of the councillors said “you jumped right into the lions pit.” 

If citizens of Port Coquitlam are being given this type of greeting when they disagree with the direction of the mayor and council then one can only assume from Coun. Laura Dupont’s position that she has reason to feel bullied. 

Other than security information from the police or a legal matter before the courts against the city, all information in the city needs to be transparent. The mayor and every councillor spoke of transparency during the election and as taxpayers and residents we need to hold them to account. 

This incident may never come to light with a non-disclosure agreement but one thing is sure — as taxpayers we foot the bill. Hopefully, going forward the city and/or mayor will explain what sensitive information was worth betraying the common decency of cooperation and an open, transparent government we all expect.

Geoff Taylor, Port Coquitlam

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