Letter: When dementia hit my old friend, these people kept him safe

The Editor:

I have during this pandemic watched and heard of the neglect and abuse of seniors in care facilities and it is simply heartbreaking. It is hard enough to finally decide to put a friend or family member into long term care, and you should be able to rest easy knowing they are not neglected or abused but cared for. 

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I felt I had to give my opinion and kudos to the staff and volunteers at Eagle Ridge Manor in light of these very sad and disturbing stories.

I moved an old friend and former neighbour from North Vancouver to Port Moody when it was discovered he had dementia. He had no one and my family and I decided we needed to care of him in his “golden years.” I won’t mention the first care home I put him in, but I was not happy at all with it. I managed to get him moved to Eagle Ridge Manor which was close to me, so I could walk to visit him all the time.

To make a long story short, I have never seen supervisors, doctors, practical nurses, cleaning staff, entertainment, physical therapy, laundry, and incredible volunteers that care as much as they do at Eagle Ridge Manor. All the worries I had dwindled away seeing I had made the right decision on his behalf. They care, and it shows in them and the residents. 

I am reminded of Cheers, “where everybody knows your name!” 

The staff and the family members are one big family and they keep us all on the same page. They have gone above and beyond at keeping themselves and the residents safe during this incredibly scary time.

I personally can not thank every single staff member or volunteer enough. They contribute to the calm, pleasant environment of Eagle Ridge Manor, especially now. Thank you for keeping family members informed, and congratulations to you all for keeping yourselves and everyone’s loved ones safe. You're the best!

Sharon McRae, Port Moody

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