Letter: 'Yes' to a school ombudsman for parents

The Editor,

Re. "Liaison is needed between parents and school system" (Opinion, The Tri-City News, Jan. 30).

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I agree with The Tri-City News' editorial suggesting an ombudsman who can serve as a link between parents and the school system — and police in some instances, as in the case of the alleged assault near Citadel middle school that is making so much news in the Tri-Cities.

It is disappointing to hear about bullying, especially in this Pink Shirt month of February, and even more disappointing to read that a parent is claiming police lied to her about video coverage of the incident. It is shameful that four boys would pick on one vulnerable girl.

Certainly everyone would benefit from a system that enables clear communication among all concerned. It might even contribute to less bullying.

John F. Pauker, Port Coquitlam

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