Letters? Should we all pitch in for dog parks?

The Editor, Re. “Enough pooch parks” (Letters, The Tri-City News, Dec. 21).

The Editor,

Re. “Enough pooch parks” (Letters, The Tri-City News, Dec. 21).

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It’s sounds silly to accommodate more doggy parks and throw in the bells and whistles when dog owners are not educated to care and respect others’ property and space.

I have brought up this issue to city of Port Coquitlam about dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs and freely allowing their dogs into people’s property to defecate and having the nerve not to clean up. To date, no action from city.

Enough is enough, it’s about time dog owners take some responsibility and learn about civic duties before they receive a licence for their dogs. The cost to improve dog parks should be from dog owners.

S.T. Barathi, Port Coquitlam





The Editor,

I am 75 and childless, and I pay school taxes.

I also buy my dog licence each year.

Neither of the above have I ever begrudged.

Fortunately, we are a diverse society. We continue to support each other, as we should.

Would I ever suggest that Mr./Ms. Grumpy Pants and their ilk buy a licence for each of their children in order for them to play on that costly jungle gym on that expensive piece of land?

Never. Cheer up! Your heart will thank you.
J. Chorley, Coquitlam

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