Letters: Snow and ice, not so nice in the Tri-Cities

The Editor, Re. “Get out your shovels” (The Tri-City News, Dec. 6)

The Editor,

Re. “Get out your shovels” (The Tri-City News, Dec. 6)

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I am disturbed by the unfairness of the Coquitlam bylaw that requires homeowners to clear sidewalks adjacent to their properties. Not only are they expected to clear the snow and ice but, also, salt the sidewalks before a set time after a snowfall.

First, there is no consideration by the city for the owner’s physical condition and/or work schedule by insisting on a time restriction for clearance.

Second, homeowners are out of pocket for any salt they purchase for deicing the sidewalks — and salt is a rare commodity nowadays.

I contend that keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice should be the city’s responsibility. Why should having a sidewalk adjacent to one’s house disadvantage one who already pays taxes for city services. After all, most of the time, the pedestrians who use these sidewalks may not even be the homeowners themselves.

And for the record, I own a house that does not have a sidewalk adjacent to it.

Cyril Thong, Coquitlam



The Editor,

What a disappointment I faced calling the city of Coquitlam’s engineering customer service.

One morning last week, after going through umpteen slips and falls with no road salt anywhere in sight, decided to call the city, which I hoped would provide some salt for residents, like the folks in Vancouver.

The sidewalks in my area are very icy and I have slipped at least five times just in the past week. The customer service in engineering said there is no way city would provide salt to residents and, upon insisting and asking for help with the icy sidewalks on Westwood Plateau, the representative told me to sidewalks are not the city’s responsibility.

Is this what we pay taxes for? While the city is hoarding road salt and collecting taxes, taxpayers can be injured.

S. Mukamila, Coquitlam



The Editor,

Who’s asleep at the switch?

First, Tri-City councils and public works departments for their apparent inactivity/belated activity regarding the snow and ice issue on the roads and sidewalks. It’s blatant in Port Moody along St. Johns Street and the HOV lane — there is the HOV lane/no it’s gone/there it is. Simply inexcusable as well as dangerous.

Second, those drivers who are too damn lazy to clear the snow off their car hoods, roofs, trunks and rear windows. I wonder when I will spot someone with the windshield covered with snow bombing along Lougheed or Barnet. People, please smarten up.

Such snoozers should be ticketed — they are a hazard to others and need to be taught a lesson. But first they have to be awake.

R.A. Yule, Port Coquitlam

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