OPINION: Six months in, managing the threat of COVID-19 remains a challenge

Years ago a councillor told me, “Living with uncertainty is a sign of maturity.”

That advice stuck with me, but lately I’m not feeling so mature. Frankly I am tired of the corona virus and all the uncertainty it brings to our lives. 

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Most of us adapted well to the pandemic this summer and we found a way to make it meaningful. Now with summer in the rear view mirror and the promise of a beautiful autumn, winter is just around the corner and I am dreading it.  

Our first challenge is the march back to school, which looks more like a tug of war than a skip. We are all holding our collective breath to see how children will manage in the coming weeks. Brave little soldiers, whether they are returning to classrooms or home schooling I admire you all.

Flu season is on the horizon, I’ve never had a flu shot, but this year I will get one. Most doctors predict it will be a milder year thanks to all the precautions we are taking around corona virus. 

Since we basically live in a rain forest social distancing outdoors will soon become impossible. Sadly some restaurants will not survive. I certainly won’t be eating soggy fries under a rain soaked patio umbrella. 

I am worried about our health care system becoming over-burdened. My mothers’ much needed hip replacement surgery is scheduled for the end of October. Could it be cancelled? 

Winter may be most challenging for our seniors in long-term care who only recently began to see their love ones. Visits will have to be modified. I feel for the elderly who need the touchstone of family. 

Pandemic driving habits are insane. Less traffic does not mean you can drive aggressively way over the speed limit or drive impaired after a few beers in the afternoon. Delta police handed out 14 roadside prohibition on our local roads last week. That’s way too many. 

While 2020 has been a nightmare on so many levels compared to other communities, we are managing the pandemic well. I am grateful to live in South Delta and for the wonderful compliant community that surrounds me. Let’s keep up the good work.

I remain confident a vaccine will be developed, schools, for the most part, will be safe and the economy will bounce back.  Meanwhile the pandemic will force us to get outside this winter and embrace the cold. Nature, and its consistent magical rhythms, is the only certainty that keeps us sane during these troubling times.  

Ingrid Abbott is freelance broadcaster and reporter who likes winter sports despite not being very good at them, but will keep trying.

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