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OPINION: The best New Year's resolution you can make will be to take the COVID-19 vaccine

A new new normal awaits us in 2021
2020 summed up in a single photo

I don’t know about you, but a few months ago I got tired of hearing people say “2020, amirite?” any time something bad happened, pandemic-related or not.

It goes without saying that it’s been a turbulent and taxing year, with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting like a meteor and upending the world as we once knew it.

Over the past ten months, life for most people in Vancouver has evolved from being newly-terrifying to actually feeling like the “new normal”, and that’s been a strange adjustment.

You’re not alone if you’re feeling fatigued and weary. However, 2021 will bring about the opportunity for us to collectively, and individually, press the restart button.

It won’t be due to some planned “great reset” that the conspiracy theory dimwits (who thankfully only make up about .1% of us) believe has been prescribed by a fictional, shadowy group with evil intentions; essentially you’re being given the chance to make the most impactful New Year’s resolution of your lifetime.

I hope that, like me, you’ll resolve to take the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available to you.

The wide distribution of it into the majority of our bodies will, in time, put an end to all of this and bring our world, our city, and our lives, into a new new normal.

Exactly what that normal ends up looking like is entirely up to you.

In 2020 were you able to take stock of what’s truly important in your life? How much do you take those people, places, and things for granted, and what will you do to prioritize them?

The coming year will be a time of slow transition and regrowth for this great city of ours, and will certainly be more awesome than the last.

Cheers to your (our) good health.