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Port Moody council should stick to city business

The Editor, Re. "More consultation needed from industry, says Royer" (The Tri-City News, June 15).

The Editor,

Re. "More consultation needed from industry, says Royer" (The Tri-City News, June 15).

The June 15 article says motions are coming forward at Port Moody council seeking to have the province force railways to tell everyone near their rail line what goods they carry, to have Port Moody council oppose the Enbridge Pipeline and to have BC Hydro offer smart meter opt-out options to Port Moody residents.

Council has already faced a demand from Coun. Zöe Royer to force Port Moody businesses to consult residents - and it would appear saner heads prevailed on this one.

I have some questions.

First, did I miss something in the November 2011 civic election campaign in Port Moody? I cannot bring to mind anything said by any candidate, including Coun. Rick Glumac (whose election seems to have, in his mind at least, given him enormous powers over everyone and everything), that indicated such steps would be pursued if the candidate was elected to council.

I don't recall the Enbridge pipeline being an issue. I don't recall the contents of rail shipments being an issue. Nor do I recall any candidate, including Coun. Royer, campaigning on a platform that would involve hamstringing legitimate, responsible businesses in our city and, thus, limiting their ability to grow, increase employment and the tax base.

I don't recall, either, any candidate, including Coun. Rosemary Small, whose qualifications as a scientific expert in these things are not clear to me, campaigning on opposition to smart meters.

These issues are way outside the control of Port Moody council, at least as I understand our political system. And since none of these issues appear to have been on the agenda in the campaign, how can this council now approve motions that imply Port Moody voters gave it a mandate to take these positions on behalf of us taxpayers? I suggest that you cannot do so.

Council members are all entitled to express their individual opinions on any subject. But don't pass a motion and then claim it reflects the view of our entire community when you've neither sought nor been given a mandate to do so.

Councillors Royer and Glumac are, in my view, wasting time and money trying to be czars of the world rather than focusing on city business, including keeping my property taxes under control.

I've lived in Port Moody for 50 years and have voluntarily contributed a lot of my time and money to many causes designed to improve life in this city, and I have never seen the nonsense at council that is taking place now, largely at the hands of the above mentioned councillors.

I suggest it is time all members of council take a responsible approach to the jobs they were elected to do: deliver civic services at the most reasonable cost to taxpayers.

James Peacock, Port Moody