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Tri-City News is journalism that matters. Here's how to support our work

Dear Tri-City News readers: The communities that make up our Tri-Cities are far different than they were just a few short weeks ago.
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Dear Tri-City News readers:

The communities that make up our Tri-Cities are far different than they were just a few short weeks ago. 

Things have been moving at a frantic pace and we’ve all had to make radical adjustments to our lives, livelihoods and priorities.

But something else has happened. Something good. Something inspiring.

We, as a community, have also stepped up in so many ways to help others.

  • Businesses, churches and non-profits are all working together to prevent people in the Tri-Cities from going hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce has been working hard to help businesses struggling with the changing times.
  • People have been volunteering in a variety of ways, like phoning seniors at home even if it’s just for a few minutes to provide helpful information or to pick up their spirits.
  • People are also cheering every night at 7 p.m. to boost the spirits of our local health-care workers who are bravely fighting this pandemic.

I think you will agree that having access to independent local news detailing all these incredible stories is more important than ever. And now, more than ever, every minute matters.

In the past few weeks, the Tri-City News has quickly reprioritized our reporting efforts to focus on providing the most critical information and data resources to help you understand and navigate the COVID-19 crisis.
Our reporters are working hard to keep you informed, with dedicated pages on our website with all the latest pandemic stories. In this time of great uncertainty, you can depend on us for factual, up-to-the-minute updates on COVID-19 to help you navigate this crisis.

And our readers have responded. 
In March, our web traffic hit a record nearly 1 million page views, up from 700,000-plus the month before. We will surpass that mark in April by a lot.

What does this mean? Well, it tells me that our work has never been more important.

Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, every single one of our advertisers has been affected. Restaurants have shut down, events are on hold, and a large number of businesses—big and small—are just barely holding on.
Throughout this, as ads were pulled and our revenue dropped, we've worked harder than ever to keep delivering readers the information they need about their community each and every day.
But, we need your help too.
As always, our coverage will remain free to the public with unrestricted access to help you cope as the situation changes by the second. We are dedicated to continuing that coverage despite what may lie ahead. We do not believe in a paywall for important local news coverage.
But this pledge comes at a significant investment.

We know not everyone can afford to invest in local journalism at a time like this but we also can’t afford to lose it. We are asking anyone who reads us regularly and values our coverage to help support it with a monthly contribution or a one-time gift at whatever amount you can afford.

Just click on the link here and you’ll see how easy it is to donate.

Your support, at any amount, will help us stay focused on what’s important–helping our community weather this pandemic and coming out stronger and more united than ever.


Lara Graham, Publisher